• Single-player gaming arena
  • Requires a minimum space of 3.6m x 4.25m x 2.5m
  • The motion floor platform is composed of 1m² modular tiles
  • Motion floor designed with built in system supplied with 1sq.meter independently vibrating tiles
  • Four to five minute interactive experiences
  • Detachable printed boards for interior and exterior theming
  • Perspex windows installed for safety and visibility
  • Modular internal walls for configuring custom interior gaming pathways
  • Ships with one, four-minute interactive VR game, “Mayan Adventure” (included in first year license)
  • Runs on AiSolve’s proprietary Show Control System for simple plug-and-play operation, software/hardware management and staff training
  • Yearly renewable game licenses published quarterly through WePlayVR content library
  • Software upgrades and maintenance supported through remote assistance
  • Wired internet connection and two standard power sockets required
  • Supplied with 12 months of standard software and hardware warranty
  • Custom game development and release through WePlayVR
  • Designed to accommodate 4D effects (wind, heat, mist, scent)
  • Pod weight: 900kg
  • Canopy weight: 230kg
  • Overall height (with canopy) 2500cm
1x Backpack HTC Vive VR device
1 x 32” (or larger) display screen
2 x Controllers
1 Backpack PC
1 x Integrated touch screen
1 x Headphone
1 x Control server
  • - Customers can opt to scale up their VR arenas to increase their throughput by five players by simply opting for a pair of modular motion seats to be attached on either side of their single player walkthrough attraction.

  • - All the individual attractions will can be managed by one central show system and games library, requiring just one operational staff to man the arena.

  • - It’s a great way to offer amazing VR experiences within a small foot print of 7x4x3 square meters.
  • The gaming arena has a dimension of approximately 7.0W x 5.0 D x 3.0 H mts
  • The central play incorporates a motion floor platform composed of modular tiles
  • Each tile vibrates independently of each other
  • The pod is themed to match the games
  • Wall tiles can be accessorized by FX add-ons like air jets, scents etc
  • Internal walls can be positioned in any shape or order depending on the game play
  • Supplied with four VR games
  • Games updated via USB and remote assistance
  • New games released quarterly, available to purchase at a small additional cost
  • Custom games can be developed upon request
2x HTC Vive VR headsets
2x Hand controllers
1 x32 inch display screen
2 x Backpack PC
1 x Integrated touch screen
5 x Headphones
1 x Control server
4 x Oculus Rift Headsets
1 x single player walk through arena
4 x 2DOF motion seats

Multiplayer attraction is our custom solution designed to adapt to individual locations and can cater towards group activities ranging from 6 to 10 players.

  • - Personalise the game experience using 3D face capture

  • - Offers a 20 min turn around with 10 min VR game play

  • - Supplied with custom 4D feedback props

For multiplayer specifications please get in touch with our consultants to discuss your specs or arrange for a site visit.

The WePlayVR multiplayer attraction is available as a custom solution to adapt to individual locations and can manage groups with six to 10 players.
For multiplayer specifications, please reach out to our team to discuss your needs and arrange for a site visit.
1 High quality VR HMD
1 VR HMD mounting system for high throughput [optional]
2 Controllers
1 Feet tracking system [optional]
1 Backpack PC
1 Headphones
1 Haptic feedback vest
1 Hand tracking gloves [optional]
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