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Contact us Merging 14 years of learning and innovation in the immersive tech space, we are breaking ground into the next generation of filmmaking involving real-time VFX and virtual film production technology with Merge XR.

Our Journey


→ Raised GBP 10 million to disrupt virtual production for film and media using advanced gaming technology in collaboration with leading Bollywood and Visual Effects primes.
→ Spun out sector focused startups i3 Simulations Pte, Weplay Entertainment Ltd and Byno Ltd, targeting XR training simulations, location-based entertainment and visualisations respectively.

Our Journey


→ Scaled healthcare simulation product, Resuscitation VR to 70+ hospitals and medical institutes across 30 countries
→ Introduced XR Health & Safety training to aviation industry in association with industry leaders, Heathrow.

Our Journey


→ In collaboration with Facebook/Oculus launched a cutting-edge healthcare simulation, Resuscitation VR, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
→ Expanded WeplayVR into 30+ locations in 13 countries within first year of its launch in collaboration with Bandai Namco

Our Journey


→ Launched award winning location-based entertainment product, WeplayVR and pioneered GAIA (Global Artificial Intelligence Platform) , an XR simulation development platform.

Our Journey


→ Introduced Ads reality - an AR start-up - that got acquired by a leading UK retailer at a GBP 20 million valuation within the first year of its launch.

Our Journey


→ Introduced 2D/3D product recognition AR technology to facilitate interactive brand engagements in retail and entertainment sectors.

Our Journey


→ Launched the first of its kind virtual/physical superhero experience in collaboration with leading leisure and entertainment industry primes.

Our Journey


→ Introduced a range of cutting-edge location-based entertainment (LBE) products and services into UK & Middle East markets.

Our Journey


→ Invented the World’s first hand-held Virtual Reality (VR) training controller patented with 6DoF motion. Honored with several prestigious awards for best innovation.

Meet the Founders

Meet Devi Kolli Prajay Kamat Meet Pranay Kamat Meet

Devi Kolli Meet Devi Kolli Prajay Kamat Meet Prajay Kamat Pranay Kamat Meet Pranay Kamat

Our Values

Be Exploratory

Learning is a lifelong process and critical thinking enables effective learning.

Be Humble

We nurture talents willing to endure the pains and gains of the start-up trek.

Be Responsive

Agility is part of our DNA and is a key attribute to adapt to a fast-paced high-tech environment.

Be Collaborative

Meaningful collaborations are key to accelerate success in pursuit of a unified mission.

Our Beliefs

Precious research is of more value when productised into meaningful, scalable solutions and not limited to library shelves. Our ambition is to nurture this research into everyday applications.
Disruption is not a linear journey. A single technology application in isolation may hold less impact compared to the integration of complementing technologies to create a holistic solution.
Knowledge Transfer
We believe in cross fertilising skills across creativity, engineering, and computing technology to drive true innovation. We believe in people who are fearless to step out of their comfort zone.

Our Portfolio

Meet the Makers

Peter Lamberti

Product Director
WePlay Entertainment

Rishabh Dhir

Product Director

Thomas Dolby

Product Director
i3 Simulations

Meet the Leaders

Gurneam Bains

Chief of Marketing & Sales

Billy Kukadia

Chief of Operations & Strategy

Roberto Di Nuzzo

Chief of Business Relations & Projects

Vaishali Tuthika

Head of Projects & Logistics

Yogi Posani

Head of Projects & Procurement

Imran Shabanov

Head of Finance


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